The star and the Mexican actress and Lebanese origin Salma Hayek began filming her role in the events of her new film "Limited Partners" in Atlanta. She was filmed by Rose Berne and Tiffany Hadish. The 52-year-old international star appeared in a number of pictures during the filming, wearing a floral design with a pink heel and huge accessories. Hayek drew attention to her appearance with a wavy wig in an orange tinge.

The film "Limited Partners", directed by Miguel Arteta, takes part in the event, with a large number of stars including Salma Hayek, Rose Berne, Tiffany Hadish, Caran Sonny and Billy Porter. It is worth mentioning that the star and Mexican actress Salma Hayek, congratulated her daughter on her 11th birthday, and as a new form of Christmas gifts Salma Hayek allowed her daughter Valentina to cut her hair herself. The 52-year-old international star commented on a video she shared with her audience and showed her the process of cutting her hair with her daughter: Happy Birthday Valentina .. You are wonderful and very useful, thank you for cutting my hair .. I love you more than love itself.

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