Salon hospital suspends its white plan – Salon de Provence – Coronavirus

Launched at the height of the epidemic peak, the white plan allows hospitals to immediately mobilize all kinds of resources at their disposal in the event of an influx of patients or victims or to deal with an exceptional health situation. Effective since August 2020, the white plan has been suspended at Salon hospital in view of the more than encouraging figures of the Covid 19. Indeed, according to the establishment there are only a few people left hospitalized and admissions are rare . A hospital area of ​​6 beds is now sufficient to accommodate affected patients. Four resuscitation beds are occupied and no more contamination has taken place among the staff. & Nbsp

In total, the hospital vaccinated 638 people. Since the start of the health crisis, 16,246 patients have been diagnosed positive by the establishment and 1,595 have been hospitalized.