Salt with the best landline internet in Switzerland

For the fifth consecutive year, Salt has been crowned the winner of the nPerf barometer in 2022. The Swiss telecom provider left its main competitors, Swisscom and Sunrise, behind in all indicators.

Salt’s fixed-line Internet performance improved compared to the previous year, making it even further ahead of the competition. The average download speed increased by 129 Mb/s to 601.65 Mb/s, making Salt three times faster than its competitors in this indicator. Salt also has a clear lead in terms of average upload speed (470.87 Mb/s) and latency (10.1 milliseconds). The same can be said for the performance of their FTTH fixed network connection (Fiber to the Home), where Salt is still ahead of its competitors, although not to the same extent.

Salt also achieved its best result yet in the mobile connect test, with 945 out of 1000 points. Salt CEO Pascal Grieder commented: “Our goal is to continue to grow faster than the market in the coming years. We want to achieve this goal by offering our premium products at more attractive prices than our other providers. This is a promise we fulfill every day. For this reason, we constantly work to offer our customers the best possible quality and the best prices. We are very proud of these results, which are a recognition of our work and the quality of our products.”

What’s more, Salt’s fixed-line internet service is not only better than that of the competition, but also cheaper. While Salt Home costs CHF 49.95, comparable alternatives from Swisscom and Sunrise are significantly more expensive and cost over CHF 100.

Salt’s success in the nPerf barometer confirms its position as the best landline internet provider in Switzerland.