Salvadora Mateos, at the act of the Guardian Angels: “I feel proud of our Police” – In community – Ceuta al Día

One more year, the Royal Walls have dressed up to host the traditional festivity of the Holy Guardian Angels, patrons of the National Police Corps. The walled Plaza de Armas has once again been the scene of an act in which, as is customary, the authorities present there have handed out the corresponding medals and plaques to the various agents and personalities proposed to be decorated.

The Plaza de Armas of the Royal Walls, moments before the ceremony of the Guardian Angels began

The act in question has been chaired by a Government delegate who reappeared on the scene after several months away from institutional life. Salvadora Mateos was accompanied by the President of the City, Juan Vivas, the head of the Provincial Police Headquarters, Javier Daniel Nogueroles, and the Head of the General Command, Marcos Llago.

After the usual review -led by Mateos herself-, the national flag was raised, in which, in addition to the officers of the Corps, representatives of the Civil Guard and the local Police, as well as the president of the Association of Mastectomized Women, Hilda Castro, and a student from the Beatriz de Silva Concerted School.

Salvadora Mateos, during the review pass
Salvadora Mateos, during the review pass

Immediately after, the aforementioned delivery of distinctions took place. Among the winners are, for example, the director of the city’s penitentiary center, Pablo García, the captain of the Civil Guard, Javier Heredia, the sub-inspector of the local Police, Antonio Manuel Hoyos, and the sports director of the Royal Federation of Football of Ceuta, Edu Villegas.

Nogueroles has given a formal speech in which he has valued the work and commitment of the agents deployed in Ceuta. In this line, the head of the Corps in the city has made a brief review of the most outstanding police actions of all those undertaken throughout this course, namely: Operation Vespa, Operation Yamaha, Operation Zeus, Operation Mackerel, Operation Tarajal… “It has been a year of changes”, Nogueroles explained in reference to the reopening of the border, on which he underlined the success that the implementation of the visa has meant, “which is giving excellent results”.

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The Commander General, Marcos Llago, presenting a medal
The Commander General, Marcos Llago, presenting a medal

Who has also spoken has been Salvadora Mateos, who has confessed that it was for her “an honor” to be able to celebrate, again, the day of the National Police, of which, she has assured, she feels “very proud” . As Nogueroles did, the Government delegate has praised the efforts of the CNP officials in order to maintain and preserve security in Ceuta. “You are doing very well”, he said, to add: “I am not saying it; the data reflects it and the citizens also perceive it. The effectiveness of the Police is beyond any doubt. The persecution and bringing to justice of the criminals is a fact,” he concluded. Mateos has also dedicated a few words to those who fell in the line of duty: “We will never forget their sacrifice.”

The act, which has passed with the greatest of normalities and (finally) oblivious to all kinds of health restrictions, has come to an end with the usual floral offering in honor, precisely, of the fallen agents. After that, the more than two hundred policemen trained in the place have fired a salvo with blank ammunition, causing a roar that has been felt throughout the walled square.