Salvadoran media denounces possible State espionage

A dozen journalists and executives of the Salvadoran investigative medium The lighthouse received an email from the company Apple that warns them of the risk of being spied on “By attackers sponsored by the State”, according to a publication of the media released this Wednesday, November 24 on Twitter.

“Apple sends alert of state sponsored espionage 12 members of El Faro, “said the media in a text published Tuesday night, adding that” the alert from the US company also reached two leaders of civil society organizations and two opposition politicians. “

According to the medium, emails they reached editorial heads, journalists and members of its board of directors.

“El Faro was able to confirm that the alert notification It was also sent to leaders of civil society organizations and opposition political parties, ”the newspaper said.

Is about Jose Marinero and Xenia Hernandez, the president and the executive director of the Fundación Democracia Transparencia Justicia (DTJ), respectively.

In addition to the deputy Jhonny Wright and the councilor of the mayor’s office of San Salvador Héctor Silva, both from the opposition party Nuestro Tiempo, who “also showed a copy of the alerts sent by Apple.”

The lighthouse He indicated in his publication that the email indicates that “it is likely that these attackers are attacking you individually because of who you are or what you do.”

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“If your device is compromised by a state sponsored attacker, you may be able to remotely access your confidential data, communications or even the camera and microphone, “Apple warned, according to El Faro.

The letter adds that “while it may be a false alarm, take this warning seriously.”

The tech giant Apple denounced the Israeli software company on Tuesday NSO Group, which he accuses of having violated US laws with the sale of a program called Pegasus with which he allegedly illegally accessed their iPhone phones.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Northern District Court of California, Apple described the NSO Group as “amoral mercenaries of the 21st century” and considered that the programa Pegasus it is a “highly sophisticated cyber-surveillance machinery that invites flagrant and routine abuse.”

In early November, the U.S. Department of Commerce listed NSO Group blacklisted for activities related to cyber espionage, to which the company said it was “dismayed” and assured that its technologies “support the national security interests” of Washington.

In 2020, the then director of El Faro, Jose Luis Sanz, in an interview with Efe denounced the intervention of their communications and the monitoring of their journalists.

“We are certain that we have been subjected to monitoring and wiretapping,” said Sanz.