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Salvini "dismantles the Riace system": away all migrants. Lucano: "I believe in justice"

(Teleborsa) – The Ministry of the Interior, on input from Matteo Salvini, has gone down hard and with a circular move the migrants from Riace. The resolution of the Immigration Department is dated 9 October and orders the closure of the projects and the transfer to the complete number of migrants present. All this almost on the eve of the decision of the Court of Review on the precautionary measure of domiciles issued on 2 October for the first citizen of Riace, Mimmo Lucano, accused of serious irregularities on the reception system and consequently also suspended from office.

So, in the meantime, the migrants have to go, while Lucano discounts the consequences of abetting illegal immigration and abuse of office, about a week after the demonstration in favor of Lucan who brought to the country of the Bronzes hundreds of people in his support. The reaction of the Mayor is dry: "They only want to destroy us, and now there is a real crossfire in our case, but our lawyers are already preparing an appeal against the decision of the Interior Ministry against the decision of the Interior Ministry. sorry for nothing ".

"Those who make mistakes will pay: irregularities in the use of public funds can not be tolerated, even if there is the excuse to spend it for immigrants ", Minister Salvin replies with confidencethe. While taking position "pro Lucano" also Mario Oliviero, President of the Calabria Region: "It is an absurd and unjustified decision. I hope that behind this decision there is no objective to cancel an extremely positive reception experience, whose recognition and appreciation is widely recognized at international level. I ask the Minister of the Interior to review this decision ".

In the 21 pages of the report with the Ministry's complaints figure a long list of shortcomings, with its own in evidence those instruments that have made Riace a reference model in the world. That is, bonuses and job grants and the reception of so-called "long-term residents", that is, those asylum seekers in conditions of vulnerability that are hosted even beyond the deadline set by the Sprar project.

But number of people too high for the Ministry which therefore assigned to Riace points of penalty that alone would be worth the closure of the project. For the most part women with dependent children, elderly emanates. All people who for the Interior Ministry would have already had to be outside the country, and that now should have 60 days to cross the border.

Now the question should move to the Tar, where the municipal administration of Riace seems willing to appeal. "What is striking – says Gianfranco Schiavone, vice president of Asgi, the association of legal studies on immigration that is supporting Lucano and his administration – it is the total disproportion between the provision and the reality of the project. In the country that has become a worldwide symbol of hospitality, it seems that migrants have been left to themselves, in a context like the Italian one where, in more than one reality, reception services are not provided. Neither the spirit nor the territorial specificity of the project was understood. In this provision Riace disappears ".


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