“In Italy, of those subdivisions we have seen a lot. But here is where the freedom of the people. One thing that makes me shudder…”. Matteo Salvini is back on the story Palamara: the former director of the Csm, the other night a guest of Massimo Giletti on La7, he apologized for the words used in the leader league (“we Must attack him”). But the former minister of the Interior does not seem impressed: “I understand also that I’m looking for. But I listened enough and I have nothing to say to him”.

If that is the climate does not fear for its processes?
“No: I will be judged on the merits. Also the interceptions, as disgusting and embarrassing, recognize that Salvini has reason. In the sense that the same intercepted, while giving me the wed…, recognize the legitimacy of my deeds”.

Quiet even on the possible processes for the management of the emergency Covid in Lombardy?
“I realize that the Pd and the 5-Star they may use the virus to do political battle. I guess now we should like to thank the doctors and stop there to use the dead. But there is another disturbing thing about the story Palamara”.

Which one?
“In every normal country you would be open to a discussion of the national, with resignation to the chain, the reset of the Csm, and the premier in the classroom to report: Palamara has candidly admitted that their careers are decided for sympathy. Without friends, or you’re a genius or not go anywhere. I am certain that the vast majority of the 8000 magistrates is very good and free. But I would have expected a word of the chairman of the Board. And the minister of Justice something more he could say.”

However, the old definition of red robes, perhaps it doesn’t fit for this story. Or not?
“Well, to the left and not stand in the way. And if I think of my processes, from Genoa to Palermo to Agrigento, the doubt that there are issues of sympathy policy can come. But yes: more than red robes of the word right now is “chaste””.

As I come out of it?
“I am with Carlo Nordio: select the curricula where appropriate, and then between these we extract at random the prosecutors. Of the rest, our government could never approve of the reform that you are trying to approve today.”

Today, the centre-right down in the square. On the eve of the reopening of the country, it was just the best day?
“Those of today, will be symbolic events and local, the event will be the 4th of July. But it was right to do it, even just to celebrate the last day of closure and of the walls between the Regions”.

By the way, a governor close to the League as the sardinian Solinas will ask for certificates to the tourists. Agree?
“I understand that to ensure safe holidays and above all suspicion. Then, of course: even I, lover of Sardinia, account of go without have pocket 8 medical certificates. I just hope that the italians do not take into consideration Greece and Spain, countries where we are not desired. That said, the real problem is that the majority of italians this summer in the vacations can not go”.

Salvini, what happens? The survey, seen in the difficulty…
“The latest surveys of Enrico Mentana and give us at 27%. Firmly the first party despite the absence forced by the squares and the ubiquity of television of the government. No, what worries me is what I feel: the unions threaten a general strike if you touch the code of procurement, and Zingaretti when he says that the model Genoa, one for the reconstruction of the bridge, does not work because you run a risk of the scams”.

What about you, what offers?
“I would like an Italy that is all work in progress, construction sites, cranes… the Bridge on The strait, the high speed Napoli-Bari. But the bureaucratic mentality and welfare state of this government will rein. This worries me”.

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