Salzburg eliminated in Champions Hockey League

Salzburg showed a chase to catch up in the second leg of the second leg against Rouen, but in the end they missed a goal to advance.

Red Bull Salzburg missed promotion to the second leg of the second leg of the ice hockey Champions League on Wednesday, despite a furious race to catch up after the 3-0 defeat in the first leg. The Bulls defeated the French 3-1 thanks to two goals and an assist from Thomas Raffl as well as a goal from Jan-Mikael Järvinen. Dylan Yeo made the goal for the guests in the 55th minute.

The match went completely different from the start than a week ago in Rouen. Salzburg were the superior team, even if it took up to the 16th minute in the first two sections of the game before a goal was scored. Thomas Raffl (16th and 36th) was the host’s man with two goals and one assist for Jan-Mikael Järvinen (50th). But Yeo interrupted the Salzburg river with the first hit from the wrist to make it 1: 3 and made the match even more exciting just five minutes before the end.

The day before, the Austrian record champions KAC had clearly failed despite a 4-0 lead over the four-time Swedish champions Leksands IF.

Result of the CHL round of 16 – second leg: Red Bull Salzburg – Rouen Dragons (FRA) 3: 1 (1: 0.1: 0.1: 1). Goals: Raffl (16th PP / 36th), Järvinen (50th) and Yeo (55th) – first leg: 0: 3. Rouen continued with a total score of 4: 3.