Salzburg trial against ex-company boss for allegations of fraud in the millions – no further verdict

The jury trial against an ex-head of a media technology company that was closed in 2020, which was opened a year ago, was again adjourned on Tuesday at the regional court. The academic is accused of serious fraud and fraudulent and negligent Krida. On the one hand, he is said to have presented false order confirmations to three banks or feigned false order situations and thus obtained loans totaling EUR 4.8 million.


The Salzburg Regional Court.

Furthermore, the said ex-company boss had a company showroom set up on his private property, which served to satisfy private purposes to an unreasonable extent. Anna-Sophia Geisselhofer, the presiding judge, is now having another report obtained and also wants to hear two other witnesses – the hearing will continue on March 3rd.

A co-defendant had already been sentenced to conditional imprisonment on the first day of the trial for negligent Krida.

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