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Sam Smith is good in his sneakers and this is something new that he wanted to celebrate. The British singer has indeed long tried to "change the torso, hips and curves that my mom and dad have created and love unconditionally." It was in a very touching Instagram post that he explained his background and published a photo of him shirtless.

"Before, if I had to do a photo shoot with as few clothes as a t-shirt, I would have starved for weeks, then I would have taken the photos one by one to retouch and ultimately erase everything . Yesterday, I decided to fight, "he wrote in caption of this photo of him on the edge of the beach, barefoot and wearing a simple rolled up jeans.

A long fight

Sam Smith has already referred to his weight in the past and how much he had struggled to manage it until he met a nutritionist whose merits he had praised. Today, what matters is elsewhere.

"Some people will take it for something narcissistic, but if you knew how much courage it took me to do that and the trauma I felt about my body since childhood, you would not think that. Thank you for helping me celebrate my body as it is, "he added, warmly thanking the author of the photo, Ryan Pfluger. "I will always be at war with the mirror image, but this photo and this day are a step in the right direction," he concluded.


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