Samantha Bee and Van Jones Sound Off on Kim Kardashian, College Admissions Scandal


The two also shared their thoughts on Beyonce's "Homecoming" Netflix documenting a performance on "Watch What Happens Live."

Samantha Bee and Van Jones sat with Andy Cohen See what happens live to answer questions about Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, the college scandal, and more.

Cohen set off with his guests by making a series of quick fire questions. Above all, Cohen wanted Jones to know how he deals with Kim Kardashian's reform efforts in the White House.

When asked about his initial thoughts about Kardashian, Jones said he was surprised. "I think how many people I froze on the Hilton Hilton days back then, but she's brilliant," said the CNN host. Kardashian, who has said that she works for a lawyer, will make a good lawyer because "she is unbelievably convincing and eats law books for breakfast," Jones says.

Asked what it would be like to see Kardashian's work with Trump, he said it was like "seeing a ballerina mesmerizing a grizzly bear."

Meanwhile Bee had the task of playing the game "Can You Bee Nice?" To play at which she was forced to say nice things about different politicians. For example, Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway is "the most skilled liar", Vice President Mike Pence is "so consistent", and Sarah White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is "satisfactorily stubborn," says Bee, who is her second hostess Not the dinner of the correspondents of the White House on Saturday.

Next, the two were asked about their thoughts on various current pop culture news. From Beyonce's new Netflix document homecomingBee said she had not had a chance to see it yet, but had a deep insight into the outstanding headline performance of the phenomenon at last year's Coachella festival, which included open footage and interviews but "could not wait". Jones said he was a big fan. "I love, love, love seeing how black college culture became an epic cultural event was fantastic," he added.

The next moment of pop culture was the recent college recording scandal that resulted in celebrity parents and Hollywood stars like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Cohen asked his guests what they thought about Loughlin being more in prison than Huffman, and Bee asked, "Did not she do more than Felicity Huffman?"

Jones explained that Huffman had made a deal earlier, while Loughlin "held out". "If you want to persevere, you better have something to fight with, these prosecutors are not messing with this case." (Loughlin and her husband are being charged with paying $ 500,000 in bribes so their daughters can be recruited into the USC as crews, even though none of them are rowers, and they did not plead guilty last week.) Huffman, accused of veiling a $ 15,000 charitable payment for the bribery program for someone to take his oldest daughter's SAT exam.

The duo also played a game called "Name That Full Frontal", in which they had to guess the completely dressed pace of different politicians. Pictures of Cory Booker, Anthony Scaramucci, Bill Clinton and more were shown. Jones and Bee were ultimately in the game.

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