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Samiha Ayoub's first comment on her marriage to her manager after his imprisonment

Samih Ayoub said she did not care about what her director, Ahmed Al-Nahhas, published on social networking sites, explaining that this was an attempt on the part of Al-Shawshara to sentence him to 10 years in prison for taking the money.

Samyha told Vito that she trusts the judiciary and that the sentence of his detention is the best evidence, stressing that she does not care about all that is published and her only comment is that the judiciary will take its course in it. She refuses to answer Vito's question: "Did you marry him?"

The judge, headed by Counselor Mohammed Ali al-Fiki, and the membership of advisers Mahmoud Rashdan, Abdullah Salaam and Magdi Jibril, were sentenced to punish "Ahmad.N", the director of the work of actress Samiha Ayoub, her ex-husband Irfaia, for 10 years in prison. Her money is deposited with a famous bank in Zamalek.

The court heard the artist's statement that the accused had worked with her late husband Saad Eddin Wahba for seven years and that there was trust between them.

The artist officially accused him in court of taking her money from the bank's famous branch, setting up and taking her money from a famous bank.

The artist said that he took over her checks and they shared a joint work, including the confidence of being a film director, acting and producing, as well as taking over all accounts and conducting all her work.

He asked the defendant's defense about the reason for changing the model of her signature with the bank. She replied that the reason was that the accused used her signature on a check from her check book, through forgery, and that she had to change her signature because it was easy to imitate.

The court asked her why she had released a record in the police department of Kasr El Nil that she had lost 14 checks to the same bank. She replied with proof, adding that for this reason she went to the bank to change her signature form.

The plaintiff confirmed that she had received a call from the bank stating that Ms. G had gone to the bank to pay a check from her account.

The Public Prosecution after the completion of investigations and investigation procedures and hearing the statements of the accused and the convict and the officials of the bank ended up referring the accused to the criminal court.

Investigations revealed that between 2015 and 2017, the accused, along with a well-intentioned employee at the customer service department of the bank of Shahir in Zamalek, falsified bank statements proving that Samiha Ayoub is a personal loan to him. The employees' mortgage declarations are stamped with forged signatures of the guarantor, which enabled him to seize the bank's estimated funds of LE 3,267,000.

The investigation revealed that the defendant forged bank checks drawn at the expense of the victim, "Samiha Ayoub," the bank, to reduce the signature of checks and used to go to the bank branch in Zamalek and presented to the employee's seat of authenticity, which enabled him to take the amount of 119 thousand and 950 USD.


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