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Sam's Club dismisses all its employees on probation | Economy

The Sam's Club chain of stores announced the dismissal of employees who were in a probationary period as part of a company restructuring process, said Iván Báez, director of corporate affairs at Walmart, a THE VOCERO.

Báez indicated that the cessation of evidentiary employees occurred in all stores that remain open and that responds to an attempt to maintain the operational efficiency of the clubs. Sources of this newspaper said that over 50% of the dismissed employees did not reach three months working for the company.

"Contracts will not be renewed for probationary jobs, but this is not related to the Labor Reform. This certainly allows us to create a more agile, efficient and profitable structure in our seven clubs to keep costs low and to continue operating, "the executive said.

Before questions from this newspaper about the possible closure of other stores, Báez responded that for the moment no more closures are contemplated and clarified that they will make new investments in the coming months.

However, the dismissal of employees coincided with the closure of the Gaby Mini Donas establishments located outside the seven clubs. The closure responds to an alignment in the concepts of the Sam's and it is not known how many employees will be unemployed with the departure of these establishments.

In the past year, the chain closed the stores of Barceloneta, Humacao, Rexville in Bayamón and Los Colobos in Carolina. In addition, the operations of its central offices on the Island ceased. At that time, a staff of almost a thousand employees was dismissed.

Walmart, which also directs the Amigo Supermarkets operations, also announced last year the closure of the establishments of this concept in Hatillo, Cupey, Caparra and Corozal. The operations of the Amigo of Rio Grande, Altomar, Caguas, Salinas and Toa Alta had already ceased.



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