Samsat Persons Who Extorted IDR 30 Thousand When Physical Checks Soleh Solihun’s Motorcycle Was Fired

The Samsat person who carried out extortion of Rp. 30,000 when physically checking Soleh Solihun’s motorbike was fired.

MOTOR – Samsat personnel who carried out extortion of Rp. 30 thousand when physically checking the motorbike belonging to comic Soleh Solihun were subject to dismissal.

The Head of the South Jakarta Samsat, AKP Mulyono, said that the Samsat Polda Metro Jaya officer who asked for Rp. 30,000 from comic Soleh Solihun had been fired.

Soleh was previously asked for this amount of money for the cost of physically checking the motorbike when extending the validity period of his vehicle registration.

The officers involved in illegal levies (extortion) are known to have the initials AS.

“I have stopped him, he is no longer swiping. Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) I sent him home,” said AKP Mulyono, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Mulyono added that the US was not a member of the National Police.

However, AS is an employee who was asked to help at the Samsat Polda Metro Jaya.

“In Samsat, there are no levies. Incidentally, it’s not the police, it’s the assistance employees,” he continued.

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According to him, the US’s actions were based on its own initiative.

“Purely from the elements themselves, I found out yesterday that this person is not a police officer. This is an aid employee,” said Mulyono.