Samsung apparently wants to build a smartphone with Notch


Samsung is not about …? Maybe: It looks as if the South Koreans jump on the train and work on a smartphone with Notch. This is evident from patent sketches, reports Android Authority, citing the Dutch website Mobielkopen. Samsung has apparently filed a patent application containing several designs for a smartphone with Notch. You can see one of them in the tweet at this article. The device pictured has an even thinner frame than, for example, the Galaxy S9 , At the top of the screen, it has a recess in which apparently a front camera and the listener find space. our recommendation Where is the fingerprint sensor? It is also notable that there is no fingerprint sensor either on the front or on the back. This could mean two things: either Samsung integrates this in the display or the company goes the same way as Apple on the iPhone X and sets exclusively on a face recognition , In addition, another patent application exist in which Samsung apparently describes a smartphone in which the screen occupies 99 percent of the front. Although this design dispenses with a Notch – but apparently also on a front camera. It turns serious into fun Samsung is one of the few manufacturers who have so far resisted the “temptation” to equip their smartphones with a notch. In a commercial for the Galaxy Note 8, the company even has in November 2017 made fun of the recess. In the meantime, the South Koreans have changed their opinion of the Notch. Since then Apple the recess for the front camera with the own products with the iPhone X has introduced lately received a noticeable number of Android devices Notch – but not all users like it. The appropriate design have about that Huawei P20 plus its plus and lite version. Among the upcoming devices with recess in the display heard for example, the OnePlus 6 , Rumor has it too LG G7 a notch but you can probably turn it off. By the way: A mini-notch has that, too Essential Phone that was unveiled before Apple’s Jubilee iPhone.


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