Samsung continues to lead the TV sector in Egypt with a market share of more than 37%









Samsung continues to lead the TV sector in Egypt with a market share of more than 37% Samsung Electronics revealed Egypt Increase its share Market to Screens TV to reach more than 37% in April 2018, compared to 30% as of January 2018. This was during a press conference held last week in Cairo and comes this big boom in Period Market The company as a result of its continuous efforts and its constant endeavor to provide the latest Applications Technology For customers in the market Egypt J. It is through the company’s factory Egypt Which makes televisions locally, provides its customers with an exceptional viewing experience, as well as conveying their expertise the world Samsung has a wide range of employees in the market Egypt J.

Said Engineer Qassem Hassan, head of sector Television Samsung Electronics Egypt “Enjoy Samsung B status Pioneer in manufacturing Screens TV and Period Market For this sector locally, which is an actual testimony to our success in providing a variety of Screens TV users not only meet their needs but also exceed their expectations. This is a variety of packages Screens The television set by the company during 2018 represents the Screens The most innovative and sophisticated level the world . On the other hand, proud to manufacture these Screens Locally sourced, as they are exported to the world . ”

The plant was opened in Beni Suef in 2013, and the plant has a production capacity of 6 million units per year with a total investment of $ 270 million. The factory produces different models and measurements for Screens The latest of which is the Samsung 4K screen measuring 75 inches, which is an important addition to the factory package of products Screens Samsung, which produces 80% -85% of its production. The major export markets include 36 countries in the Middle East and Africa.

For football enthusiasts, the Samsung 2018 series offers new innovations such as Auto Motion Plus and Sports Mode to enrich the viewing experience and allow football fans to immerse themselves in the gaming environment in an unprecedented manner, featuring Smart View, which allows the user to connect the mobile phone to the TV in a single step.


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