Samsung Display opens the way to export to Huawei… · “With US permission”

Samsung Display received an export license from the US government to supply display panels to Huawei, China.

According to the display industry and foreign press on the 27th, Samsung Display obtained export licenses for some items of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays for smartphones from the US Department of Commerce. This is the first time that a domestic company has been granted export licenses after the US initiated strict sanctions against Huawei in September. Earlier, the U.S. required U.S. government permission to supply products manufactured using U.S. technology and equipment to Huawei.

However, this export permit does not mean normalization of supply to Huawei. This is because only some of the applied models have been approved, and Huawei has not yet received the semiconductor supply, which is the core of smartphone production. An industry insider said, “With the semiconductor supply cut off, the permission to export display panels is meaningless.” “Export licenses from major global semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix must be obtained.” Huawei is a major customer of Samsung Display. It is known that the amount of exports and the timing of transactions under this permit have not been decided yet.>

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