Samsung Galaxy A03 test: an enduring smartphone

Samsung equips its Galaxy A03 with a rather simple back photo block. Given its price positioning, the smartphone does not display excessive ambition in the field of photography, but the choice of a 48-megapixel main sensor gives some hope. However, its passage through our laboratory illustrates the observation that we have been making for years: the figures mean very little…

In fact, the Korean appeals to the pixel-binning to deliver 12-megapixel shots. A choice that also operates the Motorola Moto e40, which plays in the same court as the Galaxy A03. Nevertheless, the smartphone is struggling, even during the day. The lack of sharpness is obvious, even in the center of the image, where the details are smoothed out, despite the ambient light. The periphery is blurred, and the outlines of some elements are imprecise. The colors are unfortunately faded, and the image suffers overall from the comparison with that of a competing model.

Motorola Moto e40 (12 Mpx, f/2, ISO 50, 1/125 s)

Samsung Galaxy A03

Things get tough at night. The noise is omnipresent and the processing does not rely on a reinforcement of the contrasts. Result: the details are scrambled and it is difficult to exploit the image.

Motorola Moto e40 (12 Mpx, f/2, ISO 1600, 1/15 s)

Samsung Galaxy A03

48 megapixel mode

The Galaxy A03 allows you to capture full definition shots. The advantage is obvious when the light is there: the sharpness is higher, the colors regain their vivacity and the contrast is increased. On the other hand, the lack of processing brought to the image makes it unusable in night conditions, where the image is simply blurred.

Samsung Galaxy A03

Samsung Galaxy A03

Portrait mode, front module and video

The second back sensor of the Galaxy A03 is dedicated to measuring depth. It therefore makes it possible to produce portraits with fairly imprecise contouring, subject to laborious focusing. Still on the back, it is possible to film in 1080p at only 30 fps, without stabilization. The 5-megapixel front module finally makes it possible to take selfies of modest quality, very smooth, with an unusable portrait mode when the light is insufficient.