Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Samsung is still planning to launch its next Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 sometime this summer. The launch could even take place earlier than that of the Galaxy Note 10 last year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for illustration

With the ongoing pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus around the world, many new technology players have had to delay their announcements. Not only could planned events – such as the MWC in Barcelona – not take place, but factories were also often closed, unable to produce the new devices.

Ultimately, it looks like the epidemic hasn’t affected Samsung much more than that. Indeed, while we learned on Tuesday that the Korean manufacturer remained in good economic health despite the pandemic, with a financially satisfactory first quarter, we now learn that the virus should not undermine its plans for new smartphones.

As the daily report Korea Herald, Samsung intends to launch its new range of Galaxy Note 20 during the summer, accompanied by the future Galaxy Fold 2. According to information obtained by the Korean newspaper, the launch will not be delayed because of the epidemic. “Preparations are underway for the launch of the next Galaxy Note and there is no delay. But about a physical event, things are still being discussed and we are thinking of measures like an online event ”, an industry source told the Korean newspaper.

A launch that could even take place earlier this year

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was introduced in early August. So it seems that Samsung wants to keep the same agenda for new models this year. However, as the Korea Herald, Samsung could even plan a launch earlier in 2020, with a presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 as early as July.

In this context, Samsung would try to follow the example of Apple. The American firm will do everything to prevent the launch of its future iPhones from being delayed, as its main supplier, Foxconn, recently indicated to its investors.

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