Samsung Galaxy S23 can get camera of 200 megapixels

Samsung’s flagship has had the same 108 MP camera sensors in recent generations, but according to the publication ETNews, that may change with the Galaxy S23. There, the Ultra model may get a sensor that is 200 MP. Motorola is said to be the first manufacturer to offer the HP1 sensor in its upcoming mobile that goes by the project name Frontier, after which it is said that Xiaomi is next.

It has previously said that Samsung would wait to take the step to 200 MP by the year 2023, which in practice may mean that it appears already in the S23 Ultra model. Samsung should not have decided if that will be the case, but since the sensor is claimed to be already finished and can start mass production, it is not impossible. Samsung may also feel pressured by Apple, following recent rumors that Apple has plans to upgrade the cameras in one or more of this year’s iPhone models.