Samsung's next Samsung Galaxy S10 phone will come without the most important feature that was expected by phone enthusiasts, a new face-recognition technology.

According to Forbes magazine, Samsung will exclude the face recognition sensors of the Galaxy S10 because of the presence of a fingerprint sensor will be used in the Galaxy phones coming.

The Galaxy S10 is expected either to come with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the device screen or a fingerprint button next to the phone.

The Qualcomm footprint sensor is supposed to be faster and safer than the current alternatives used in other phones.

The abandonment of the face recognition sensor will allow Samsung to increase the screen size of the phone without increasing the overall size of the phone.

Korean media reports that Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S10 at the Barcelona Conference of Smart Devices MWC 2019, and the report that Samsung is preparing to reveal details of her folding phone in the next few days.


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