Samsung joins two global cloud gaming partners, Antstream Arcade and Blacknut, enjoy more on Samsung Smart TVs in 2023.

Samsung is committed to the promise of taking the future of gaming to the next level. by adding new global partners Antstream Arcade and Blacknut Delivering experience through the introduction of streaming game services on the 2017 Samsung Smart TV. 2021 (designated version[1]) and games at resolution 4K

Antstream Arcade and Blacknut It is a new game streaming service that Samsung brings to consumers.

Antstream Arcade It is the largest cloud gaming provider in the world. Players can choose from 1,500 of the most popular games, as well as numerous weekly tournaments and multiplayer events. in the near future Users of Samsung Smart TVs that support game streaming services can play famous games from the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s, such as Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat and Metal Slug, against friends or people from all over the world.

Antstream Arcade We believe that merging the past and future of gaming can drive the gaming industry forward into a new era of video games.” Steve Cottam Chief Executive Officer Antstream Arcade “There is no better way to reflect this combination than playing retro games on Samsung’s most advanced smart TV. Game streaming gives gamers the opportunity to play the games they love. Including classic games that they might not have had a chance to play before.

Blacknut It is a subscription-based cloud gaming service that offers unlimited access to over 500 premium PC and console games. The most among streaming game providers on TV screens today. Blacknut Provides a “click and play” experience by supporting up to 5 players simultaneously playing games on compatible smartphones, PCs and smart TVs. Blacknut It offers mostly family games. both serious and relaxing There are classic AAA games, fan-favorite indie games, story-driven adventures, strategy games, and Blacknut

It is also a service provider that offers the most sports and racing games. Members of Blacknut You can play many famous games like Metro Exodus, Overcooked and many more Disney games.

Blacknut Bring subscription services for various games. Cloud comes to Samsung users. which is considered the number one device for game streaming services.” Nabil Rarage, Vice President of Business Development and Licensing Blacknut said, “We designed Blacknut It’s a family gaming platform. Up to 5 profiles can be created and played simultaneously. Bringing our service to Samsung devices will allow more gamers to experience the future of gaming.”

Antstream Arcade and Blacknut It will be available on supported 2021, 2022 and 2023 Samsung smart TVs by 2023.

Bringing Cloud Gaming Services to Millions of 2021 Samsung Smart TV Users

starting at the end of this year Samsung will update its game streaming service to 2021 smart TV models that support it. This allows gamers to access this service more widely. The update will result in the app for game streaming from partners, both Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Utomi Can also be used with the 2021 Smart TV model by Antstream Arcade and Blacknut It will be available by 2023.

The expansion of the game streaming service to supported models of Samsung’s 2021 smart TVs allows users of those smart TVs today to access games. as well as users of 2022 smart TVs and monitors with the Samsung Gaming Hub service.

“When we launched the Samsung Gaming Hub service on our 2022 Samsung Smart TVs, the first question we received was, When will there be game streaming services on some 2021 smart TVs? Today, we are more than happy to answer those consumers. We will now be able to offer streaming games by the end of the year.” Mike Lucero, President of Gaming Products Samsung North America Business Services Explains “Millions of players can use just an Internet connection and a Bluetooth-enabled controller to access a vast library of games. From the hottest AAA games to indie games. Including retro games through our partners’ apps on supported 2021 Smart TVs. This will make Samsung devices the preferred streaming gaming service for consumers over any other device.”

when available Various streaming game apps It can be downloaded directly from the Samsung App Store within the Smart TV’s media hub.

game resolution 4K is available on Samsung smart TVs through NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service.

in the next few weeks Supported 2022 and 2021 Samsung Smart TV users will be able to stream PC games through the service. GeForce NOW At a resolution of 4K 60 frames per second Without having to download, install, modify or update any of them, the user must apply.

serve GeForce NOW Premuim for a better experience This includes playing games at 4K resolution at higher frame rates. RTX ON server access NVIDIA Be the first and play games for up to 8 hours at a time.[2]

More details about Samsung Gaming Hub can be found at

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[1] Supported models include the QN800, QN850, QN900, WS1A, QN700, LS03A, AU7000, AU8000, AU9000, Q50, Q60 and Q95-Q70.

[2] The basic requirements for signing up and using GeforceNow Premium may vary by country.

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