Samsung plans to triple its foundry production capacity by 2026

On the occasion of the publication of its very good results for the 3e trimester, Samsung indicated that it plans to triple its production capacities for foundry by 2026, to meet growing customer demand.

The Korean plans to expand its production capacities at its Pyeongtaek site and also plans to build a new fab in the United States, detailed a group leader. On the tech side, Samsung has indicated that production start-up of its customers’ first 3nm chip designs using the company’s Gate-All-Around (GAA) structure is expected in the first half of 2022, while its second generation of 3nm is expected in 2023.

50 to 60 billion investment in founders next year?

The foundry market is on the rise. After rising 24% in 2020, the cumulative revenue of the world’s top ten founders is expected to grow 21.3% this year, surpassing $ 100 billion, according to TrendForce. The Taiwanese research firm expects further growth in 2022: + 13.3%, to $ 117.69 billion.

Investments by the world’s top ten founders jumped 43% in 2021, topping $ 50 billion. For 2022, TrendForce expects a 15% increase in investment spending by founders, which would then be between $ 50 and $ 60 billion (or more, TSMC having recently formalized its plan to build a fab in Japan).

Against this backdrop, TrendForce predicts that the production capacities of smelters on 200mm diameter wafers will increase by 6% next year, while those on the more lucrative 300mm wafers will increase by 14%. Increases which will not, however, eliminate tensions in the available capacities, already warns the research firm.