Let's be real – the latest series of Samsung ads is more about Apple's perception than its own devices. But hey, this tact has worked for the company in the past, so who can blame it? However, they provide at least a crucial insight into the company's ongoing plans.

In a spot called "Dongle", which aims at the lightest joke in the smartphone world, Samsung Apple for the iPhone because of its lack of headphone connection to the speech. It comes to a conversation between a customer and a Genius Bar employee, the term "double dongle" is coined and the former grimaces as someone has told him for the first time the action of the Human Centipede.

Again, the ad is less about what Samsung has than what Apple does not do, but it seems to reinforce the company's commitment to the headphone jack. Granted, we've already seen companies struggle in this matter. The most famous case is probably Google, which called out Apple for a year and dropped the next one.

But releasing such an open-minded ad about a month before dropping the headphone jack would not, as the kids say, be a great look for the company. The inclusion of the port was a selling point for Samsung since Apple dropped it in 2016 for the iPhone 6. It's a simple win for Samsung. The whole society literally does not have to do anything.

And from the leaks we've seen from Note 9, it seems the 3.5mm will return.

Of course, what was perceived two years ago as an act of aggression has become increasingly common among competitors. I have spoken to a number of manufacturers who have kept Jack for the last two years, and almost everyone has acknowledged that it is only a matter of time before they go that route.

It's hard to say how much of Jack's decision to make is that Samsung simply gives its customers what they want, and how much the company is trying to distance itself from Apple. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. Samsung can continue to use its (admittedly quite nice) wired AKG headphones as a selling point while doing all the "double dongle" jokes that can support its hefty advertising budget.


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