Samsung releases remarkable video

It is not clear why Samsung suddenly comes up with this video. The phone was released in August and a month and a half later they suddenly put a video online showing how they test their phones. Maybe they want to prove that they actually test their phones. Recently, reports had come out that users of the Z Flip 3 are getting cracks in the screen.

Why these cracks arise is still not clear and the video from Samsung therefore seems unnecessary. The company already showed in 2012 how they treat their phone during such a test. Four types of tests were featured in this latest video.

The Samsung tests under the microscope

First we see how the telephones are put in a kind of refrigerator. Here the phone is exposed to all kinds of elements. Think of wind, heat, cold and so on. Another test puts the phone under water to see if it is really waterproof. Next, we see a robot trying out the S Pen on the Z Fold 3. Finally, we see a folding test, in which robots fold the phone over and over again.

Although an answer to the cracks in the screen has not yet arrived, it is clear that Samsung has significantly improved its Z Flip 3 compared to its first model. YouTuber JerryRigEverything (who abuses and tests phones, TVs, tablets, and many other products) has also taken a closer look at the Samsung Z Flip 1 and Z FLip 3. It is clear here that Samsung has improved its third generation.

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