Samsung Unveils 2022 Lineup of Neo QLED 8K, Soundbar and Accessories for Innovative Personalized Experiences

As part of its virtual Unbox & Discover event, Samsung showcased its 2022 lineup of 8K Neo QLEDs, soundbars, accessories and sustainability initiatives. With this new range, Samsung aims to redefine the role of television by creating state-of-the-art screens with beautiful design that offer more than entertainment. This year’s products and features take the display to new heights by providing a central hub for gaming, connecting, working and more.

“We want to create a seamless experience for all of our products so consumers can enjoy all the benefits effortlessly. The 2022 Neo QLED 8K is designed to empower the passions of our consumers,” said Johan Van Campenhout, Product Manager TV at Samsung Belgium. “As the centerpiece of the home, the Neo QLED 8K has the power to create new experiences.”

Samsung’s 2022 lineup was developed from the vision of “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone”, with TVs at the heart of people’s homes and everyday lives. In line with this vision, Samsung has created devices that connect seamlessly and simply to deliver high-level customization and connectivity.

The consumer is thus guaranteed to have a screen suitable for every occasion and every lifestyle. Historically, TVs and displays have been primarily associated with the act of “watching”, but the Neo QLED 8K aims to change that by expanding the user experience.

Neo QLED 8K: the best and the best

The 2022 Neo QLED 8K has been upgraded to take the big screen experience to a whole new level. Its heart is the Quantum Neural 8K processor. It has 20 independent AI neural networks, each analyzing content characteristics and picture quality for optimal viewing, regardless of the source.

The Neural Quantum Processor 8K is also behind a new technological innovation: the Real Depth Enhancer.
This dedicated image quality algorithm scans the screen and maximizes contrast with the background by enhancing the object while leaving the background unprocessed. It works similar to how human eyes perceive images in real life, so the object on the screen stands out from the background.

Together with the powerful Quantum Mini LEDs, the processor creates precise, controlled lighting so that bright areas stay bright and the dark space around them stays dark – a feature we’ve dubbed Shape Adaptive Light Control. For example, the full moon will remain bright in a dark night sky.

Samsung’s all-new 2022 QLED has actually received the world’s first “Pantone Validated” display certification. This label is issued by Pantone, the world authority on color and creator of the Pantone Matching System (PMS). In other words, the models authentically render over 2,000 colors as well as the newly added 110 shades of skin tones within Pantone’s guidelines.

Plus, those brilliant colors are easy on the eyes thanks to the new EyeComfort mode. This feature uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen based on the brightness or darkness of the room and sunset and sunrise information, so optimize the viewing experience.

Immersive Dolby Atmos sound with smart features

To deliver true immersion, TVs and displays need powerful, nuanced sound to match rich colors and crisp detail. The Quantum Neural 8K Processor’s AI analyzes what’s happening onscreen in real time so adaptive sound features can track and move sounds between speakers to perfectly match onscreen movement.

In the QN900B, a flagship model of the Neo QLED 8K lineup, all sound comes from a 90W 6.2.4-channel audio system, featuring new top-channel speakers and Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro. This technology has also been applied to voice recognition with Voice Tracking Sound, so sound effects and voices truly follow on-screen movements.

Samsung is also unveiling wireless Dolby Atmos on its Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs. In other words, they feature pristine audio quality without the clutter of HDMI cables. Wireless Dolby Atmos is available on all Q-Series soundbars, as well as the new 2022 Ultra Slim Soundbar, designed for an immersive audio experience and aesthetically pleasing, minimalist installation.

Your screen experience

To ensure the experience is as smooth as possible, the 2022 lineup is equipped with new features and a smarter user interface, enabling Samsung TVs and displays to become the nerve center for content viewing, device control, gaming , training and much more.

• New Smart Hub: This year Samsung also unveiled Smart Hub, its new user interface, powered by Tizen. Samsung’s all-new Smart Hub consolidates all aspects of the smart experience into one easy-to-navigate home screen. The new tab categorizes functions, settings and content into two categories for a truly seamless user experience: Media and Ambient.

• Media: The Media screen organizes users’ entertainment options, including video on demand, streaming and Samsung TV Plus1 with over 190 free channels. It also learns user preferences through machine learning to submit intelligent recommendations across platforms and services.

• Ambient: Ambient display enhances the aesthetics of the home, whether it’s synchronizing the screen display with the surrounding decor or showing off its bold personality with eye-catching art .

• Gaming experience: The 2022 lineup is packed with specs and features designed for the ultimate gaming experience. These include four HDMI 2.12 ports, gaming with Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology enabling 4K 144Hz display, Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar. fast and harmonized. With these incredible improvements in image quality and settings, games will be more lifelike and more thrilling than ever.

• SmartThings: This is an essential part of Samsung’s connected experience. With SmartThings, the display becomes the central hub for easily controlling other home devices from a single central point. This feature is included in Samsung TVs and takes advantage of the large screen to help users discover, view and control devices at a glance.

Sustainable development at the heart of the initiative

Samsung considers the impact of the manufacturing process and the use of products on the environment, with a focus on finding ways to reduce its environmental footprint.

• Eco-friendly packaging: Samsung is improving its eco-friendly packaging by using 90% less ink and eliminating staples during production. These two improvements reduce waste and facilitate its treatment by recycling and recovery centers.

• SolarCell Remote: This remote has also been improved for 2022. It is 88% more efficient than previous 2020 models. They are now completely battery-free and can be recharged using 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency Harvesting technology, which allows you to draw power from the reserve energy emitted by Wi-Fi routers.

• Recycled materials: Samsung’s 2022 TVs, monitors, digital signage and remote controls use recycled resin. The high-resolution monitors use recycled resin from ocean plastic recovered from coastal areas, which would otherwise become hazardous marine waste.
• Carbon Trust certification: Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K/4K has obtained the “Reducing CO2” label from the Carbon Trust. This label demonstrates that the carbon footprint of the Neo QLED range is reduced year after year.

Personalization with accessories

When it comes to televisions, each consumer has their own specific tastes and needs. This is why Samsung has created new accessories for its 2022 televisions.

• Slim Fit Wall Mount: For those who want to wall mount their screen, the Slim Fit Wall Mount allows the TV to sit flush with the wall

• Stand Stand: If TV stand is preferred, the Studio Stand provides a unique and stylish way to present the Neo QLED 8K in an artistic way.

• Auto Rotation: A new accessory extends The Sero’s rotation capabilities to the Neo QLED 8K. Auto Rotation brings mobile experiences to the big screen, portraiture to full screen, and extends MultiView experiences to new configurations. It can be used as a wall mount, so regardless of the medium, the entire screen is filled to optimize the viewing experience.

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