Samsung Unveils My Galaxy Phone "S9 and S9 +" Officially in the Egyptian Market

Samsung Unveils My Galaxy Phone "S9 and S9 +" Officially in the Egyptian Market

Samsung officially launched the S9 and S9 + phone in the Egyptian market. First, the above news is not a news item that we wrote but was brought from a news source that won the confidence of the Arab continent throughout the Arab world. With all transparency, and without showing any modification aimed at distracting the Arab citizen from the truth or modification is aimed at turning the attitudes of the Arab citizen to certain policies, and start with the most important news today, which is special for “Samsung launches my phone Galaxy” S9 and S9 + “officially in the Egyptian market” . Samsung Electronics recently announced the launch of its new S9 and S9 + phones in the Egyptian market. Following the tremendous success of the two devices globally, those looking for the best technology in Egypt can now have the latest in the mobile sector. “The launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9 + not only focuses on Samsung’s leading position in Egypt, but also worldwide,” said Mustafa Park, Mobile Phone Manager, Samsung Egypt. The latest technology, the best designs and the most easy-to-use devices to give everyone an unparalleled experience when using their mobile phones. The new S9 and S9 + are equipped with new and innovative technology designed to capture high-quality images. The S9 + is equipped with the best dual-camera camera with 12 megapixels each and aperture of the F1.5 lens with wide viewing angle and Dual Dual Pixel , As well as the long focal length F2.4 lens that integrates images of the same cadence into a single image smoothly. The camera has a range of advanced features such as shooting videos at a very slow speed, plus a dual lens slot that allows the user to capture the finest moments with perfect detail, clarity and accuracy. Both phones also feature other impressive innovations such as emoji icons with enhanced reality technology that give users a fun and unique way to express themselves. As the shutter speed increases to 960 frames per second, the Galaxy S9’s ultra-fast shooting function can capture the finest moments even at high speeds, so that the naked eye can see them at normal speeds. In order to integrate this advanced functionality into the device, Samsung has provided the new phone with a dual-speed Dual Pixel sensor gives quick processing of the images taken. This advanced sensor offers the ability to shoot very slowly for content at 32 times slower speeds than regular videos, and 4 times slower than any similar slow-motion camera technology. Speed ​​photography is not only slow and easy to operate, but also smart. To simply capture videos at a slow pace, Samsung has introduced a new smartphone called Auto-Discovery, which allows the user to capture events and moments that pass at lightning speed. The iMogi icons, powered by enhanced reality technology (AR), allow users to communicate with friends through a fun visual tool and express themselves in an engaging and unique way. With one silve shot, the smartphone can conduct accurate digital analyzes of more than 100 different facial features, including eyes, nose, mouth, forearms and forehead, and uses this data to create a highly user-friendly 3D avatar. Each avatar can mimic the user’s movements, in addition to supporting 18 predefined expressions that are equipped with the device, which means the possibility of expressing each moment in the right way. At the same time, the user can create his or her own avatar, or select one of the alternatives provided by the device in advance, so that the user can modify the opter chosen by his face, hair style and any other accessories (such as glasses), as well as the clothes he wants. Samsung launches my phone Galaxy “S9 and S9 +” officially in the Egyptian market, each creative achievement, and each thanks poem, each article article, and each success thanks and appreciation, thank you very much. Through comments, where your opinions are always important in the first place and last, Samsung launches my phone Galaxy “S9 and S9 +” officially in the Egyptian market, and do not forget also follow us on the social networking pages of our site Arab News, which are our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, Impress and follow her up to reach you later The political, economic, technical, sports and technical news and health and beauty world news Eve also diverse and entertainment to reach you as soon as they occur-you-go, Samsung launches Galaxy phone “S9 and S9” officially + in the Egyptian market. Arab News – Samsung Unveils My Galaxy Phone “S9 and S9 +” Officially in the Egyptian Market
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