Samsung will be the sole manufacturer of Snapdragon 875

In December this year, Qualcomm intends to unveil its new flagship mobile processor, likely to be named Snapdragon 875. According to Korean media, Samsung Semiconductor Company was able to offer Qualcomm a better contract than TSMC and will produce the entire batch of flagship chipsets.

Samsung Semiconductor Company is a division of Samsung Electronics. This company has been the world‘s largest manufacturer of semiconductor products for the past 20 years. The deal will allow the Korean tech giant to strengthen its position in the semiconductor market. It is noted that the deal affects all Snapdragon 875 processors, which are planned to be released for a variety of mobile devices, and for this order Qualcomm will pay from $ 850 million to $ 1 billion.

Ready-made flagship smartphones based on the Snapdragon 875 chipset are expected to be announced early next year.

Source: gsmarena

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