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For several years, we know that Samsung is preparing a new foldable smartphone composed of several screens. According to recent rumors, the phone will be presented very briefly at a conference for developers in November.

A large indoor OLED screen and a second outdoor screen?

The foldable smartphone was still talked about at the beginning of the week. According to The Bell newspaper, the smartphone will consist of two screens. In terms of characteristics, we end up with a 7.3 inch indoor OLED main screen. The second screen will also be equipped with OLED technology but it will be smaller with a dimension of 4.6 inches. It would be present outside the terminal and accessible when folded. This new phone should have the name 'Galaxy F' giving birth to a new range for the Korean brand.

In terms of the operation of the inner screen, it can be tilted freely thanks to a gear mechanism produced by the company KH Vatec. A small space between the screen once folded will allow the device to limit the damage related to falls.

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Samsung Galaxy F: a date of presentation still undetermined

According to the Bgr website, the design of the phone is already finished and the production has already begun. Even if a presentation is organized in November for the developers, it should be done behind closed doors. The Galaxy F could be presented to the public at the MWC 2019 at the same time as the new Galaxy S10. The report relayed by the media also indicates that Samsung is expected to produce 100,000 collapsible smartphones per month.

Still a lot of mysteries around this future Galaxy F. Rumors are more and present and the smartphone should be unveiled in the very near future. Case to follow!


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