Samy surrounded by women – Big Brother VIP

In the garden, a moment of gossip on the various events that are taking place at home.
Manila starts updating Katia on the story that happened last night in the bedrooms. In fact, he explains that they too are late, because Jessica has brought to the attention of the whole blue room a particular sympathy that perhaps Samy is having towards her. Always ready for chat Katia wants to know more.

Just at that moment Samy joins them on the sofas outside the house. Joking about Samy and his conquests, Katia sympathetically asks the boy: “Is there something here?”.
According to the game, Samy, smiling, replies: “Apart from Raffaella you say?”, winking at an appreciation already expressed in the previous days for the showgirl.
Continues Manila: “Yesterday we had arranged to make him sleep with Jessica and he said yes”.

“Of course”, the model is justified surrounded by all women, “I love Jessica because of her character, she’s a beautiful woman, I love her because she’s a good girl. I have no problem sleeping with a person. “
Alex also feels compelled to add something, having recently joined the group but having already understood the theme of the speech: “Also because in here it is not that there is all this freedom to do who knows what.”.
Katia, in a harmless tone, takes it up again: “Well a little kiss sorry!”.
Manila, sweet and playful, comments: “But a little kiss is nice, it is not denied to anyone. I Katia always kiss her “.

The VIPs are lost in collective laughter to ease the tone and, perhaps, also to deviate from an uncomfortable speech.

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