San Diego Opera Films ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’ at the Culiacán Botanical Garden and will arrive in 2022

Culiacán, Sinaloa. Despite taking several days of filming in the fantastic Culiacán Botanical Garden, on Tuesday evening, the production of the opera of ‘Rappaccini’s daughter‘, based on the work of the Mexican composer Daniel Catán, and which is the first co-production of the Sinaloan Artistic Society (SAS) with the San Diego Opera (OSD).

Without precedents

The company of San Diego Opera The objective has been the creation of a cultural corridor that strengthens the social and economic ties between California and northwestern Mexico, with Sinaloa being the first ally in Mexico.

Thus, in 2019 the OSD donated to the Sinaloan Artistic Society the scenography of the opera ‘Aída’, by Guiseppe Verdi (which will be staged in Mexico in 2022), and signed an agreement with the Mazatlán Opera Workshop, directed by maestro Enrique Patron de Rueda.

Within this framework, the first binational project was given the green light: an opera production ‘Rappaccini’s daughter‘, from Daniel Catán, based on the only play by Octavio Paz. For this project, it was decided to merge opera with cinematographic art, having locations in the Culiacán Botanical Garden, the Mazatlán boardwalk and in San Diego, California, for filming.

The filming of ‘La hija de Rappaccini’ in the Culiacán Botanical Garden has taken place until the wee hours of the morning.

Leonor Quijada, director of SAS, said during the press conference on Tuesday that “without a doubt, for the SAS, even for Culiacán and Sinaloa, this is an unprecedented event.” “At this time, in which many things have migrated to digital, we believe that this is a new art: it is opera taken to the cinema,” she specified at the table where she was accompanied by Vanessa Ortiz, from Events and Public Relations of the Garden Botanical; David Bennett, general director of the OSD, and Andrea Puente de Catán, member of the OSD and widow of the composer.

Ideal space

Andrea Puente points out that something that impresses her a lot about the Botanical Garden is the convergence between life and death, the same thing that happens in the opera. “Science and art are like dimensions that lead us to transcend everyday human life and allow us to see other things beyond. That moves me a lot in this Garden full of life and death ”.

For his part, David Bennett stressed that one of the reasons why this project is so important is for the world to see the rich cultural life in Sinaloa. A filming that is recorded and that does not mean that after its presentation it cannot be seen again and that it can also be shared “in the world, with the whole world”.

The opera takes place in an enchanted garden, and follows a young medical student who falls in love with Dr. Rappaccini’s daughter, who is fed by poisonous plants, so the Culiacán Botanical Garden it turned out to be the ideal space for filming.

‘La hija de Rappaccini’ is the first production of the agreement between the Sinaloan Artistic Society and the San Diego Opera.

The main roles of ‘Rappaccini’s daughter‘are performed by the internationally multi-award winning stars of the San Diego Opera: Joshua Guerrero and Andrea Carroll. Meanwhile, the musical direction is the work of Eduardo Díazmuñoz and the direction is provided by Lorena Maza, in addition to a huge production team.

The production will be ready in autumn 2022 and will be sent to film competitions, opera houses, universities and will be on different platforms. Subsequently, it is contemplated to make live presentations of this opera, in addition to ‘Aída’, by Verdi in stages such as the Teatro del Bicenenario in Guanajuato, the Plácido Domingo hall in Guadalajara and in forums in Sinaloa.


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