"San Francisco can not solve its problem of homelessness care"


The city can not manage the care of the 7,499 homeless in its streets, especially as some wealthy neighborhoods refuse the construction of reception centers.

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Chronic. The life of Silicon Valley will retain that at the time when San Francisco was about to be overwhelmed by a new wave of multimillionaires, thanks to the IPO of many of his prodigies, the city was torn on a temporary housing project for the homeless. A "navigation center", as they say in the Bay. Either a place where the homeless have more freedom than in ordinary reception centers. They can present themselves with friend or animal, and are not required to have the same time restrictions.

San Francisco already has eight "navigation centers", but the ninth, planned by the municipality on a parking lot belonging to the port authority, near Embarcadero, triggered a bronca on the part of the inhabitants of the district. It must be said that it is one of the most (new) rich sectors of the city: a third of residents declare more than 200 000 dollars (about 177 700 euros) of income, almost four times more than the average of their fellow citizens. The lofts have a low-angle view of the Bay Bridge. A shelter with 225 beds would have compromised the tranquility of the place, as those who suffer, in the Tenderloin, the heartbreak to have to step over the syringes and sometimes the bodies leaving the house.

"If you compare with Paris, it's twice as much for a population three times smaller"

Despite the genius (so vaunted) of its engineers and the cash-flow (not taxed) of its giants, San Francisco can not solve the problem of the care of the 7,499 homeless listed at the last biennial count of 2017. Compared with Paris, it is twice as much for a population three times lower (3,641 homeless in the French capital for 2.4 million inhabitants, 7,500 in San Francisco for 884,000 inhabitants). The entire Bay Area has 28,000 homeless – the highest proportion of the country behind New York and Los Angeles. A bottomless pit: despite the efforts of the municipality and billionaire "social" Marc Benioff, these numbers have dropped by only 0.5% in two years.

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Two competing collections

The mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, who was elected on his promise to solve the problem, did not expect such an epidermal response. On March 20, a group of angry residents from the Embarcadero District threatened to file a complaint against the municipality and its "navigation center". And he opened a subscription on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding platform, to pay legal fees.


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