The game in Julio Humberto Grondona was as gray as the sky that covered all of Sarandí. Arsenal, now without Israel Damonte sitting on the substitutes’ bench, was looking for a victory that would allow them to leave the last place in the standings and condemn San Lorenzo as bottom. But in a clash that painted for a tie nailed at zero, Unión got the final shot and ended up with the victory by the smallest difference in the Viaduct.

With this new defeat, the team that Darío Espínola led this time remains at the bottom of the standings. Meanwhile, Tatengue took three vital points back to Santa Fe to continue fighting for a place in the next edition of the Copa Sudamericana.

The encounter was decidedly bad. The inaccuracies and strong legs prevailed over the good game, which was conspicuous by its absence. In the middle of a loose procedure those directed by Gustavo Munúa they were a little more superior due to the force of centers to the area to try to connect with a head.

On the homeowner’s side there was little and nothing. The Ass tried to make money with shots from medium distance but none of the centers that rushed into the area reached their destination.

Everything suggested that the match would end nailed to zero and they would distribute a point for each side, but Union saved one last letter for last. 44 minutes into the second half, a new shipment arrived in the area that connected Emanuel Brítez So what Alejandro Medina He covered the ball but let it rebound, and the defender himself put the tip of his left boot to push it from the floor and score the only goal of the day.

Only with that he reached the Tate to take the victory. the place once again showed a poor image and further increased its weak present, which is reflected more than ever in the table.