San Pedro Elderly Welfare Center commemorated World Arts Day

(Cundinamarca, May 25, 2023). With the aim of promoting knowledge in the elderly about the diversity of artistic expressions as a form of meaningful learning, the San Pedro de la Beneficencia de Cundinamarca Wellness Center for the Elderly celebrated International Day of the Arts with the participation of users, their families and the interdisciplinary care group.

The activities were guided by the Arts area, which organized a troupe on the theme of the Carnival of Barranquilla. The older adults, in the company of the psychosocial, physiotherapy, physical education and arts professional team, recreated the choreography that was followed by the users.

In addition, they enjoyed different presentations such as the one by Carlos Rojas that included traditional music and Arabic dance.

Likewise, during the day, users carried out pictorial, manual, photographic, audiovisual and scenic processes, among others, with the purpose of stimulating imagination, communication, and reinforcing their creative abilities.

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2023-05-25 18:17:11