San Pietro Vernotico (BR): they bind and burn live dog because it barked too much


"A dog was burned alive because it barked too much. It happened at 2.30 am in San Pietro Vernotico (Brindisi). The poor animal was first tied up, then sprinkled with flammable liquid and even was even denied escape by closing with a closet the road that would allow him to enter the house". He makes it known Alfonso De Liguori, local representative of Italian Onlus Animalists. "It is a heinous crime – goes on – We demand a firm response from the institutions. My association will form a civil party. We immediately called the dr. Pietro De Rocco, who gave first aid to the animal, to make sure about the current health conditions. The dog has grazes all over the body, has serious damage in the area of ​​the rectory, facial injuries and the right eye ruined by fire. It is a being that must overcome with the love of his family the terror experienced and the violence suffered. This criminal act could have caused even more serious damage if the neighbors had not called for help. The flames have blackened the prospect of the dwelling involved and the neighbor. The investigators in the vicinity who may have immortalized the author of the criminal act are being examined by the investigators. The young owner of the four paws, having learned the disturbing news, let it be known that he will return from Holland, where he works, to be able to leave it with him. He had entrusted it temporarily to his grandmother, as a faithful companion, given that he had been denied the possibility of lodging with an animal as a result. The family had received several death threats to the dog, then the tragic epilogue". concludes De Liguori"we will give battle because in front of these episodes there is a concrete answer from the legislator. We believe that an uncivilized Italy can no longer be tolerated. We are no longer there, we are no longer willing to tolerate this malice against defenseless beings. We renew our appeal to the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, to increase penalties for crimes committed against the animals. This latest story of cruelty must serve everyone to realize that we have reached the limit".


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