sanah “Cologne and Szlugi”. In the new music video of the star her partner appears

In the past two years sanah managed to conquer the music market and become the most popular vocalist in Poland – both in radio and streaming. It will not be an exaggeration to say that her hits “Szampan” (Look!), “But jazz!” (listen!), “Melody” (listen!) or “this Stan” (listen!) everyone knows. Both sanah albums – “Królowa dram” and “Irenka” went four times platinum and do not leave the sales lists.

In recent months, she has managed to make another play – the song “Cologne i szlugi” (check!), which she announced at her concerts before the release, became a viral hit. A few seconds long fragment of the song played by sanah from the phone inspired almost 10 million videos on TikTok and the looped (for an hour!) With a fragment on YouTube has just exceeded 700,000 views.

It also brought the title of the current concert tour “Kolońska i szlugi tour” – during which from the end of October to mid-December the artist will play in the largest halls in Poland – Tauron Arena in Krakow, Atlas Arena in Łódź and Torwar in Warsaw.

Now “the most famous unreleased song of recent years” is available in two versions – the basic one and the “do sleep” version – on all streaming services, radio stations, and the almost 8-minute long music video for it, co-directed by sanah herself – can be watched on Youtube. The singer is accompanied by her partner, who is signed on the website as “this Stan”. The man in the video has his face obscured.