Sanctions Threat of Death Diksar UNS: Menwa Disbanded-Students DO


Gilang Endi Saputra (21) died while participating in the Diksar of the Standby Student Corps or Student Regiment (Menwa) at the Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Solo. The campus emphasized that the threat of severe sanctions would be imposed, ranging from warnings to the dissolution of the organization, if convicted of a crime.

The regulation is written in the UNS Chancellor’s Regulation number 26 of 2020. The regulation regulates the UNS student organization.

Article 15 states that sanctions are given to organizations that do not comply with the regulations. However, the campus must go through the evaluation stage first before determining the sanctions.

“The mechanism is carried out by the field of student affairs and alumni based on applicable regulations. Types of sanctions can be in the form of warnings, freezing or disbanding of student organizations. There are 3 sanctions,” said Director of Academic Reputation and Student Affairs UNS, Sutanto, Wednesday (27/10/2021).

Then regarding the threat of sanctions for the Menwa Diksar committee, Sutanto said he would see the results of the ongoing legal process. However, if proven to have committed a crime, the student concerned will be dismissed or dropped out (DO).

“If it is clear to the students. If we commit a crime, we have clear rules, so we will stop being a UNS student,” he said.

Currently, UNS has created an evaluation team to investigate the case. Team members include from the faculties of law, medicine, ormawa coaches to the administration team.

“This team started work this afternoon, has collected the chronology and data, and then we will immediately make a decision. At least starting today, we have frozen the activities at Menwa for the time being,” he said.

Previously reported, UNS Occupational Safety and Health D4 student, Gilang Endi Saputra (21), died in the Menwa Diksar, Sunday (24/10). Police found signs of violence on the body. However, the police are still carrying out investigations and investigations.

Watch the video ‘UNS Student Dies during Diksar Menwa, Police Find Some Wounds!’:

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