Sandra Barneda talks about her complicity on television with Nagore Robles

Their TV careers hadn’t brought them back together after their breakup until the second season of Nightmare in paradise. Sandra Barneda and Nagore Robles share the screen in a reunion that is giving a lot to talk about. Above all because, while co-presenting that reality live from the set, at the same time a filmed season of the island of temptations in which the Barcelonan is very emotional.

In one of the last connections in which Barneda and Robles participated, there was a crossover of hints that drew a lot of attention. “Sandra, as you can see, love always gives us good headaches”, the Basque snapped at her ex-girlfriend in one of the many comments that, remembering the past romance, can take on special meaning.

Sandra Barneda was asked precisely because of this type of intertwined messages and because of the good harmony they show on screen at a promotional event for a brand to which she puts an image. “In the end, she is a presenter and I am a presenter. It is like any other complicity that we would have between presenters”, he expressed. “Then in the headlines you get more because everything is looked at with a magnifying glass, but I’m doing well. We are there doing our job and that’s it. We are lucky to do a job that when you do it you enjoy, and you have to enjoy it every day, ”he added later.

Happy, although he does not speak of love

In that same interview, Sandra Barneda assured that “in general” she is happy and refused to talk about her sentimental situation. In fact, He denied that in recent statements he was referring to his new girlfriend to explain that it was a simple answer to a question from Vanesa Martín in which she had questioned her about what happiness meant to her.

For me happiness means a good awakening, good kisses and a person to whom to say ‘I love you’‘” he indicated. “That’s the phrase. Then she is taken out of context and seems more attractive than she then is. What I did was a definition of happiness and then everything was removed”. Even so, everything makes it seem that he is still in a relationship with the Dutch dancer Pascalle Paerel.

The best season of ‘The island of temptations’

In addition to talking about her on-screen relationship with Nagore, Sandra has also predicted that this edition of the island of temptations will be the best of all. “It is a very crazy season because it continually surprises you. People are going to see it. There is a lot of humour. It is a format that is well set up in this way and you are going to have a great time”.