Sandra Hüller at the Max Ophüls Film Festival

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Saarbrücken (dpa) – Sandra Hüller feels that dealing with her roles is an enrichment. “There are often ideas that you don’t have yourself. That’s what I find so exciting about the job,” said the award-winning actress (“Toni Erdmann”) of the German Press Agency. She does not see these other perspectives as an obligation, but as a good opportunity. “I’m not forced to do it, I get the chance to look at things from a different perspective,” said the 44-year-old on the sidelines of the 44th Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival in Saarbrücken.

The festival for young German-language film has dedicated this year’s so-called Tribute to Hüller. In previous years, Mario Adorf and Heike Makatsch, among others, had been honored with it.

At the Max Ophüls Festival, three films and a small selection of music videos will be shown in Huller’s honour. In 2020, Hüller released her debut album “Be your own prince” as a singer.

She feels equally at home in acting as in music, she said. Although she cannot communicate about music in this way because she lacks the vocabulary and knowledge. “But it’s something I like to do, which I enjoy and which of course is sometimes helpful on stage if you can do it.”

Huller has already received many awards for her acting achievements, including the European Film Prize, the German Film Prize and the Bavarian Film Prize. She is always surprised about the awards because she is not working towards them. “I try to work well and concentrate. And so far I’ve been fortunate that people like it and that they think it has to be emphasized. And then I’m happy about it.”

Every time she thinks it’s probably the end of the prices. “I always expect that at some point that will be enough for people.”

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