Sandra Oh was at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

During Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday, royals, politicians and celebrities flocked to Westminster Abbey to say their last goodbyes. It was known in advance that approximately 2,000 guests would be present.

Therefore it was empty

However, the full guest list was not made public. It was announced in advance that representatives from almost all countries would come, but who it was was not known until the day itself.

Many people scratched their heads when, during the broadcast of the funeral, the “Greys Anatomy” actress Sandra Oh (51) could be seen entering the coronation church.

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– Did I really see Sandra Oh?

Several TV viewers took to Twitter to report their confusion when they saw the 51-year-old at the funeral, writes the BBC.

One person questions whether it was really the actor.

“Was it just me or did I really see Sandra Oh at the Queen’s funeral?”

Another Twitter user also commented on the “Killing Eve” star’s presence, as well as shared a video of Oh at the funeral.

“Why is Sandra Oh at the Queen’s funeral”, writes the person.

Despite the confusion, there is a simple explanation.

Officer of the Order of Canada

According to the BBC, Sandra Oh was part of the Canadian delegation that was allowed to travel to the Queen’s funeral.

The 51-year-old was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada by the Queen a few years ago. It shall be the highest civilian honor in Canada. The reason why she received this was her contribution to the arts, with memorable TV and film roles at home and abroad.

SANG: King Harald sang along to “God Save the King” at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey.
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As part of the Order of Canada, Oh was included in the procession for members of various orders.

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The actress herself commented that she was present at the funeral on Instagram.

“Proud to represent Canada with my fellow Order of Canada & Valor recipients at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey today (Monday, jour.note),” writes Oh.

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