Sandra Reyes, actress of Pedro El Escamoso, left fame to become a hippie

The story of Peter Choral Taverahis picturesque way of being, the details of the Colombian society of that time, the humor and the other characters are some of the details that most attracted the attention of the viewers about the production, which was Made by Luis Felipe Salamanca and Dago García, and which was originally on the air between 2001 and 2003.

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Many have wondered about the unknown stories behind the production and what happened to the actors and actresses who were part of the cast, mainly the most recognized characters such as Miguel Varoni (Pedro Coral Tavera), Marcela Mar (Mayerli Pacheco), Alina Lozano (Nidia Pacheco), the Argentine Javier Gómez (César Luis Freydell), and Sandra Reyes (Paula Dávila), who in particular was never heard from again.

Well, the then protagonist of the famous novel at that time was 23 years old, but she realized that hers was not to live eternal youth and that is why she decided to step aside to leave fame and dedicate herself to other things.

Although Sandra Reyes also stood out for her interpretation of the character Amparo Cadena in the series The frog’s signin 2008, as well as his participation in several Colombian productions, including soap operas and films, officially declared hippie in 2018 and changed many aspects of his lifestyle.

Now the woman uses very little makeup and her way of dressing is different, since she left the heels and is no longer seen with tight skirts. In an interview for La Red, she said that she had attended indigenous rituals and there she had been able to rebuild and strengthen herself spiritually.

However, the actress highlighted in Las 2 Orillas that she did not leave the small screen because she wanted to, but because she did not have a job. “People say that I walked away from television, that is not true. I haven’t had a job, which is different. I love acting, I love acting and doing television, but I’ve had times when I haven’t had a job, so it’s not that I’ve distanced myself, it’s that they distanced me a bit. I don’t know if I wasn’t ready for the characters.”

The Colombian actress asserted that, ironically, although she is the protagonist of the most watched telenovela in the country, she does not receive a single peso from production royalties. “That’s a joke. No, nothing comes to the actors, royalties do not exist in this country. I don’t get paid for reruns”, mentioned the artist. “With Pedro El Escamoso, people will think that I’m going to get a little popocho check, no, that doesn’t happen.”