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Sandrine Piau, the voice of a luminous pessimist

OI think myself bright, and I am tormented. On stage, I often slip into the skin of pure and clear heroines while I see our world with a rather alarmist eye … "

Sandrine Piau incarnate it this troubling "paradox of the comedian" theorized by Diderot? " The magic of opera is largely due to the art of illusion that allows a woman to embody a man (1), to blur the tracks, to break the frames, to transport us into a wider and more daring universe than ours. The musician cites the role of Sister Constance of Dialogues of the Carmelites from Poulenc: "I love his trust in life and his faith in God, who have neither of them. "

Sandrine Piau, the barefoot magician

Currently (2), she finds the conductor Emmanuelle Haïm and her Concert d'Astrée for a musical journey in Baroque land. Haendel – "he remains my favorite darling », she confirms – is the hero of the party where Sandrine Piau will sing in duet with the English countertenor Tim Mead, refined artist that the French public begins to "spot". The adventure, titled Desperate Lovers, promises to be bewitching, when one knows that Haendel author of sublime tunes soloists, tumultuous or elegiac, pushed a little further his genius as soon as he married two voices love …

Health, instinct and work

To those who are amazed by the unbroken freshness of its crystalline tone, its winged highs – "Less than before all the same! "- and its beaded vocals, Sandrine Piau, born in 1965, responds without false modesty. "I am lucky to have good health, while my early childhood was fragile. This is the essential, the rest is detail. I also think I have a good instinct: it allowed me to accept what suited me and to refuse some imprudent proposals … " And to add that she has always been a "Big worker", in constant search of deepening of its qualities and correction of its defects. "I would have spent so many years perfecting my diction, where my friend Véronique Gens was remarkable from the beginning … " (3).

In the enigmatic world of melody

A name she quotes with affection like that of Emmanuelle Haïm or William Christie, the founder of the flourishing Arts. To this mentor of her young years to which she owes so much, she knew how to resist. Already strong with a strong character, a sharp intelligence. Qualities that the soprano also puts at the service of the melody, art of the miniature – " but who says so much about human passions " – she distills with the pianist Susan Manoff, another faithful musical companion. Recently, they published (at Alpha), under the title Chimera, the last part of a precious triptych. On the album cover, a mysterious half-smile on her lips, Sandrine Piau looks straight into our eyes. Inviting to follow her in the magical world, haunted perhaps, where music and poetry make common cause. That we can not escape them.

(1) Cherub at Mozart's, Chevalier à la rose or composer (Ariane à Naxos) at Strauss and so many others …

(2) On April 14 at the Abbey of Vaucelles (59), on the 16th at the Easter Festival in Aix-en-Provence, on the 17th at the Theaters of the Champs-Elysees in Paris, then on June 18th and 19th at the Lille Opera (Rens .: sandrinepiau.com).

(3) To read in the April 2019 issue of the magazine Classica a cross interview between the two artists and friends.



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