Sangar Bro, Yamaha Y16ZR 2023 Using R15 V4 Engine Ready to Pave in Indonesia, There Are 3 Color Options – The Yamaha manufacturer released its newest motorbike, the Yamaha Y16ZR 2023.

Having several colors, scooter lovers from Yamaha can’t wait for the arrival of the Yamaha Y16ZR 2023.

Yamaha Y16ZR 2023 scooter motorbike, this motorbike is very similar to the Yamaha Exciter 155 which is marketed in Thailand and Vietnam.

Reported by BondowosoNetwork from YouTube YRP OFFICIAL, reportedly this motorbike will soon be paved in Indonesia too.

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Yamaha Y16ZR 2023, on the front it uses LED lights with a sharp design.

The lights have now completely changed, becoming narrower, combined with LED DRLs and hidden projectors like the Yamaha R1.

This motorbike is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 5.4 liters.

Not to be left behind, it already has a smart key system and Spot speedometer with a new design and is fully digital with a negative display.