Sanitary pass at the hospital: should I have had my fourth dose of vaccine?

“Hello, I have an appointment at the hospital for consultation and I haven’t had my fourth dose of vaccine, will I be accepted at the hospital? »asks Nelly.

Yes, Nelly, you can go to the hospital because the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is not compulsory, it is only recommended from the age of 60. To go to your consultation, you will need your health pass, with the three doses of vaccines.

“You have to have done your recall for those over 18, confirms the General Directorate of Health, the fourth dose is not obligatory”.

If the vaccination pass is no longer requested since March 14, 2022, the health pass is still required to access health and medico-social establishments, except in emergency services of course.

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Three ways to get your pass

In addition, remember that vaccination against Covid-19 is not the only way to have a health pass in force. It is also possible to present the result of a negative test or a certificate of recovery.

“All RT-PCR and antigen tests generate proof as soon as the result is entered by healthcare personnel in SI-DEP, which can be printed live for antigen tests, and which is also made available to the patient. via an email and an SMS to retrieve it from the SI-DEP portal”specifies the government, on its site.

Self-tests carried out under the supervision of a pharmacist are recognized as proof for the health pass, but not in the context of border crossings between countries, within the European Union in particular.

“In the case of trips to Corsica, overseas communities and countries of the European Union, self-tests, even if they are carried out under the supervision of professionals, are not admissible. Only PCR and/or antigen tests are accepted”adds the government.

It is also possible to present a certificate of recovery, that is to say the result of a positive PCR or antigen test dating back at least eleven days and less than four months (six months at the borders). “Positive RT-PCR or antigenic tests for more than eleven days and less than four months (taken into account to date) indicate a limited risk of reinfection with Covid-19”says the government.