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Sanseverino, Didier Wampas, Dick Annegarn … Cycling while singing

Do not miss their ears with the famous song by Yves Montand in 1968 on a music by Francis Lai and lyrics by Pierre Barouh. Contemporary singers inspired by the great cycling races have nothing to do with this era, where François Truffaut's France hummed: "When we left early in the morning / When we went on the roads /at bicycle … "

They talk about cycling – and not a bicycle, nuance -, muscles, tears, champions mounted high on the tops of glory and sometimes down to hell. " I wrote four songs about cycling, and they are not blues », details Stéphane San Severino, famous rocker poet better known under his stage name, Sanseverino. His latest, to appear on his next album, speaks of a doped pistiel who wants to punish his doctor …

Didier Wampas and Marco Pantani

For twenty years, a platoon of ten singers circulating far from the highways of the variety soaks his pen in the sweat of the heroes of the road. The guitarist and singer Didier Wampas, who participates with Sanseverino in the Véloshow, a tour mixing bike ride and music (read below), wrote in 2006 a magnificent tribute to Marco Pantani. This runner loved then forgotten died in February 2004 of an overdose in Rimini, a seaside resort on the Adriatic coast deserted by tourists in winter. " In the evening when Italy is sad / she looks like Rimini "Says Didier Wampas, who named his ode to the winner of the Tour de France 1998 after the name of the city where he died abandoned after being convicted of doping.

The register is the same at Miossec, who devoted a song to the team members, these can carriers finding their happiness to serve the cause of a leader, while dreaming of other destinies than the broom-wagon in the passes. " I wish I could escape the pack / suck for a few seconds of eternity / I would fill my lungs ", Writes the Brest singer throughout his song named The Criterium. A term chosen for its double meaning: the composer's mechanical pencil and the small local race dear to his heart.

" For a long time, the song is in love with the Tour de France. Not the whole song, of course – no yellow jersey at Georges Brassens, Barbara or Serge Gainsbourg – but there are at least a hundred or so tunes that celebrate it "Argues Bertrand Dicale, author of many books on popular song. Point of Brassens or Barbara? The period of activity of these two sacred monsters corresponds to the low tide of the musical celebration of cycling. These two big names have passed their turn. For Gainsbourg, it's less certain: the singer will even donate his money and his name to a Norman race called La Gainsbarre in his honor.

Dick Annegarn and Joaquim Agostinho

Still, the cycling race was for a long time the preserve of second-rate singers, some of whom were sometimes appointed by the race organizers to sing the glory of the riders but also the … brands. We are today very far from this register with Jean-Louis Murat, who dedicated a recent song (2011) to the Toledo eagle, Federico Bahamontes. And Joaquim Agostinho, an equally famous Portuguese, who died in a race in 1984, inspired Dutch singer Dick Annegarn. Why a Portuguese rather than the champions of his country, Joop Zoetemelk or Jan Janssen? " It's the social side of the bike that interests me, Agostinho was poor, and his trophies just allowed him to have a farm Answered the singer in an interview with the magazine Pedal.

Guillaume Martin, cyclist and philosopher

" Yes, the bike is that, we sweat, we fight, like us on stage, continues Sanseverino, himself a former junior mid-level rider. We also produce our own movement with our instruments, as cyclists push on their pedals. We are cousins ​​and I am never as happy as when I roll in pack with friends, packed shoulder to shoulder, to listen to the other guys who lie on their last races. "


An Easter tour

On 21 and 22 April, three well-known singers, Sanseverino, Didier Wampas and Didier Super, are taking part in a funny tour around Sommières (Gard) during the Easter weekend. The day begins with a walk mixing musicians and public, before the concert. "We do not know how much we will be, twenty, a hundred, we'll see, and if it works we'll repeat the experience. Anyway the bike is the future, soon more oil, prepare the guibolles », has fun Sanseverino.

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