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Santa Elena exports ‘pepas’ avocados

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The types of I usually, the weather and the Water are among the main keys to production from avocado in the province of Santa Elena.

The first export from fruit cultivated in this area that was brought to Spanish market filled with great expectation to the farmers peninsular.

At the beginning, plantations were planted in the area of ​​the El Azúcar commune, followed by the town of San Rafael and has just begun to be planted in the town of Sayá. Experts consider that the further away the crops from costa, the production it will be better.

“The saline area complicates the development of plant and therefore to fruit, hence the communes where it is already occurring, are the ones that are most distant from the sea”, Said the agricultural technician Frederis Borbor, who is in charge of a hectare of avocado in Sayá.

So far there are already 150 hectares where it occurs avocado of the Hass variety, whose weight and size (130 to 240 grams) is ideal for the international market. Omar Núñez, who works in productive development of the Prefecture of the Peninsula, indicated that the projection is to produce 10,000 hectares of avocado in this region.

The agronomist Mario Lappo said that Santa Elena has in the weather an added factor due to the fact that in this sector there are more light hour time, that makes the cold season the fruit can develop better and in the heat madure in an ideal way.

Lappo recommends that plants should be sown two meters apart each, the fertilization must be to the foliage and soil, in addition to the control permanent phytosanitary, “so the plant can produce up to twice a year, “he said.

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The avocado in the soils of Santa Elena begins to produce after 18 to 24 months from his sowing, each bush has an average of 25-year lifespan and the amount of fruit what can each give plant oscillates between 300 and 500 avocados per cycle, this will depend on the size of each eye.

Genetic garden

Farmer Andrés Villamil said that the increase from production from Fruit is a reality and it is even more so now that the Peninsula has the first genetic garden for avocado seeds In Ecuador, the certification was delivered last week by the Minister of farming, Tanlly Vera.

“It’s a process from graft that guarantees a better productivity and it’s done in Santa Elena. The farmers from this area and from other parts of the country will be able to access seeds”Said Villamil, who highlighted the investment of Chilean businessman Peter Roderick Maclean, who managed to achieve the purpose.


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