Santander offers 10 thousand scholarships to become an expert in Excel, how to enroll


They are two courses that are taught online and are oriented to job searches. Who can access

Free online training program Santander Bank offers 10 thousand scholarships to acquire or perfect your skills in Excel, one of the most used tools in companies around the world and there is time until this Wednesday October 5 to sign up.

“Santander Scholarships Skills – Excel for All” is a program aimed at anyone residing in one of these 11 countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom who will be able to access online training and 100% tool free.

To be able to apply to the course it is not necessary to be a university student or to be a client of Santander. It is only required to be older than 18 years-old and have one computer and internet access”, detailed the bank in a statement.

Banco Santander offers 10,000 thousand scholarships to learn how to use Excel. Photo: Courtesy.

What are the two Excel training offered by Santander?

Courses will be held in Spanish, English or Portuguesewith practical exercises that are specially designed to guarantee learning through specialized instructors in the Excel toolwho will be able to provide students with answers to all their questions.

The two courses you can sign up for are:

. Complete Excel: This option is designed so that participants can learn from the most basic to the most advanced in the Microsoft Excel tool and the most used functions in companies, which implies an advantage when applying for a job. With this course you will achieve:

  • Master the advanced features of the program that 97% of the employees do not know they exist.
  • Automate 95% of daily tasks with the VBA method.
  • handle large amounts of data in an agile way
  • To create comprehensive and dynamic reports using pivot tables
  • Build up unique projects to generate visually appealing reports
  • Access to a professional trainer.

The courses guarantee learning through specialized instructors in the Excel tool.

The courses guarantee learning through specialized instructors in the Excel tool.

. Complete Excel Course: This option is designed for those who master the most used Excel functions in record time. Its focus is to help people stand out in the job search, improve their skills in advanced functions, task automation and the creation of reports through pivot tables. In this training you will:

  • Handle all tools by Excel.
  • Master the dynamic tables.
  • handle the programming language VBA (Macros).
  • Learn to create applications con VBA + Access.
  • learn to create new graphics with VBA and Excel.
  • Know the power tools (Power Query y Pivot).
  • enhance even more pivot tables with DAX (Data Analysis Expressions).

“Once the training stage has been completed, the participants will obtain a certification from the the Udemy platformwhich is a leader in digital training”, they highlighted from Santander.

The courses are 100% online and require 15 hours of study, plus the time used to do the activities.  Photo: File.

The courses are 100% online and require 15 hours of study, plus the time used to do the activities. Photo: File.

How long are the Santander Excel courses?

Each course requires about 15 hoursplus the time spent doing the activities and exercises.

The people who are selected will receive a link to access the course. They must start it at any time from that day and until December 31, 2022. Once the course has started, it will be accessed for unlimited time to complete it.

How to apply for Santander scholarships?

  • Candidates must fill out the Program application form on the platform
  • There is time to register until this Wednesday October 5. Between 5 and 10/20 they will evaluate the applications.
  • Those selected will be notified by email from the box [email protected] from the October 20 and they will be sent a link to access the course.


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