Santiago de Compostela airport, the best valued in Spain by its users

A study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) places the Santiago-Rosalía de Castro Airport as the best rated in Spain and number 21 internationally.

This studio, prepared based on 11,000 passenger ratings from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, includes data from a total of 178 airports around the world.

The OCU has measured a series of variables, such as the accessibility, seating in common areas, bar and restaurant services, internal mobility within the terminal -distances and availability of elevators or stairs- or the time needed to pass security checks.

Thus, the Santiago airport has obtained an average score of five stars, which confirms a “very good quality”, a consideration that in Spain only the Girona-Costa Brava and Alicante terminals share.

Between the three airports that have received the worst rating -three stars, “acceptable quality” – at the Spanish level are Tenerife Norte, Sevilla San Pablo and Alvedro, in A Coruña.

On an international level, the Compostela terminal occupies ranked number 21 in a ranking led by Singapore Changi International Airport, Narita Jasiko International Airport, in Tokyo, and, in third place, el Francisco Sá Carneiro de Oporto.

The worst airports internationally, with a “poor quality” certification, they are the José Martí of Havana, the Brazilians of Marechal Rondon and Vitória or the Greek of Heraklión, in Crete.