In a heritage building located in the heart of the Yungay neighborhood, are the facilities of Santiago Seguro, the modern televigilance room that includes a screen 10 meters long by 2 meters high.

From this place, it is intended to observe every corner of the Santiago Centro commune with 535 cameras placed at different strategic points.

A luxury in terms of municipal security that Its objective is to monitor the concentration of irregular vendors who take to the streets, the “spears”, the counterfeiting of products and the fights generated by gaining territory on the sidewalk.

“We have a surveillance room of the first level, trying to cover the 27 neighborhoods with an incredible floating population -more than two million people-“, he says Arturo Urrutia, security director of Santiago.

The team also has visible images of its operators, who also have the mission of coordinating with neighbors who report an emergency and field staff available 24 hours a day with the possibility of even broadcasting live and direct.

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The action of the municipality, with technological improvements that make transparent and streamline the procedures to combat this type of illegal itinerant trade, removes the sale of all kinds of items from circulation, from counterfeit sneakers to the sale of fast food on public roads, which in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, violates any health regulation putting the health of those who consume it at serious risk.

“When it is necessary to control and some merchandise is lifted to a merchant, nobody likes to lose their business but also ways to regulate it and they don’t“Says Roberto, one of the municipal inspectors.

From Santiago Seguro they explain that these interventions, plus the focus that has been placed on crime, has served for a positive statistical result.

“If we take the crimes with the greatest social connotation, today the crimes have dropped. We are going in the right direction by virtue of giving a better quality of life to our neighbors“Assured the security director.


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