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Santiago Posteguillo brings his enjoyment of history to the University

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The University of Huelva (UHU), through the Area of ​​Culture has told in the framework of its cycle Literary presences, to the renowned Spanish writer Santiago Posteguillo, who gave a lecture on his latest novel, And Julia challenged the gods, a continuation of his previous post, I Julia, which was awarded the Planeta Prize. Before the public that gathered in the Aula Magna of the Jacobo del Barco Building, Posteguillo addressed how the creation of a historical novel, as is the case of this his last publication, with which he reaches the end of the story of Julia Domna and ends his bilogy dedicated to this Roman empress, as explained by the author himself.

One of his objectives is, he indicated, that the reader can “learn history while entertaining”, For which various elements appear in this work such as the historical setting, murders, a great love story, travel and even mythological aspects, to the point that the gods also participate in the story.

During the act, which was led by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Huelva, Nuria de la O Vidal Teruel, the writer explained that “Julia’s great victory is postmortem“, Since” he gets his dynasty to continue ruling Rome “, as can be seen in the final part of the novel, in which the author ensures that the reader does not miss the protagonist, since” I continue with Julia in Hades, in another world “, from where” he accompanies us in the novel until the end of the story, “he said.

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The work also has elements that have a lot to do with the present, reviewed Posteguillo, who responded this way to those who ask him when he will make a novel about the current world. Aspects such as the virus, cancer, Brexit, rape, euthanasia, xenophobia or, of course, the role of a woman in a man’s world, appear in the novel, as pointed out by the writer, who published a early March, a few days before confinement.

Then, before the questions of the Dean of Humanities and the public present in the room, the author addressed the relationships between the past and the current world. “I cannot put feminist conceptions of now in Julia’s mind“Snapped Posteguillo, but the protagonist can serve as an example today, he added, after which he remarked that” we have not really changed anything “and aspects such as” the struggle for power is very similar. “

About your next soap opera, the writer only advanced that it will be “a new historical novel about Rome” and that predictably to be published in spring 2022, as well as that he hopes “that it pleases and surprises”. “Up to here I can count,” he added, after referring to the documentary he is making about women in ancient Rome, entitled The heart of the Empire. It will have six chapters, the characters will speak Latin and it will be released, predictably, in November, he explained.

You don’t have to change the story to make it entertaining. It already is”, Concluded Santiago Posteguillo.

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